what we’re about.

Life is a bummer sometimes.  So when we come home after a long day, we need a little something to look forward to. Whether it’s a cow rug or a frog mug, there are so many ways to spark joy in your old routine.

That’s why we started Shopzoki! We want to make the things you use every day a little more cheerful. In your happy place, all things should be friend-shaped and functional.

We make stuff for the sensory lovers, the pillow huggers, and the serotonin seekers. It’s all about getting your fill of happiness.

Operating in Texas but available all around our lovely lil planet, Shopzoki is always looking for simple ways to add comfort to day-to-day life.

Have any questions, thoughts, or kind words? We’d love to see you in our inbox! Email us at hello@shopzoki.com. We’re a small business at heart, so you’ll hear back from a real live human.